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It’s never too late to get braces, as they can correct longstanding dental problems and align teeth for a uniform smile. There are various reasons why adults need of braces, from missing out on early treatment during their youth or are experiencing alignment relapse. This is why our Baton Rouge dental practice offers rapid and cosmetic braces treatment. Our experienced general dentist, Dr. Sancerie O’Rourke-Allen, helps adults align their smile to correct bite issues, and obtain a straight smile for those important events in life.

Our practice serves Baton Rouge and local neighborhoods such as Goodwood, Broadmoor, and Sherwood Forest, with comprehensive adult braces treatment. If you have questions about braces, call us today to schedule a consultation.


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Rapid Treatment for a Beautiful Smile

Distinctive Smiles of Baton Rouge offers three trusted braces brands that adjust teeth quickly and precisely. Each treatment can correct for a range of dental problems, from minor tooth alignment to severe bite issues, and also when teeth have relapsed after the original braces treatment.

Invisalign®: Treatment is delivered using custom clear aligners that are worn over upper and lower arches. Each set of aligners is used for about two weeks before being switched out, advancing treatment at a comfortable pace. Patients enjoy nearly invisible braces treatment for they can remove the aligners for daily convenience. Treatment time can last from six months to longer, depending on how individual smiles respond to treatment. 

Six Month Smiles®: More in line with traditional braces, Six Month Smiles® uses clear brackets and tooth-colored aligners to fix dental problems. Cosmetically appealing and tailored to your dental needs, these braces straighten the smile in six months on average. These are best utilized to correct the alignment of visible teeth, rather than comprehensive orthodontic treatment. 

FastBraces®: This rapid braces option utilizes bracket and wires to correct teeth alignment, but instead makes use of a patented bracket design that aids movement. The triangle-shaped brackets allow for more flexibility in the wire between teeth, providing more targeted alignment. The FastBraces® treatment is claimed to move both the crowns and root of your teeth simultaneously, resulting in rapid adjustment, in as little as 3 months. 

Which one is Right for Me?

Dr. O’Rourke-Allen will give patients an initial examination to properly diagnose alignment issues and recommend a treatment that matches patient goals. Whether you have an upcoming wedding or have always wanted to have a straight smile, our practice has a solution for you. If patients have severe orthodontic issues that require advanced treatment, Dr. O’Rourke-Allen has a trusted network of specialists that extend her care.  

Adults: Contact us to align your Smile

Dr. O’Rourke-Allen loves to help people achieve straight smiles that support good oral health. If you’re interested in receiving braces treatment, tailored to adults’ smiles, contact our Baton Rouge practice. Feel free to call us or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment. 


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