Root Canal Therapy in Baton Rouge

Root canal therapy is a necessary procedure when tooth decay has advanced too far. Dr. Sancerie O’Rourke-Allen provides gentle root canal therapy to stop decay and restore health to your teeth. Our Baton Rouge practice utilizes the latest technology to give you a custom crown the same day as your root canal appointment. All are welcome to visit Distinctive Smiles of Baton Rouge for convenient and restorative care.

If you have a toothache or thermal sensitivity that needs care, contact our practice. Although not all toothaches or sensitive teeth require root canal therapy, discomfort is a sign that decay has eaten away at the enamel. We will provide gentle and efficient treatment whether or not a root canal is necessary.


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What Are Root Canals For?

Over time, tooth decay advances beyond just a cavity and can cause damage to deeper tooth layers. It will eventually reach the pulp chamber, where nerve tissue is then affected by bacteria. Once this area is infected, the tooth loses internal integrity, and bacteria can spread to other parts of the smile. Root canal therapy removes this infected pulp, decayed enamel, and restores strength to the whole tooth. It is a conservative technique, with the goal being to save the healthy structures and keep the tooth from being extracted. It’s much easier to restore a tooth than replace one.

After the decay is removed, and the inner structure is properly sealed, and capped with a restoration. This returns the tooth to full function and allows for a comfortable bite. 

Nothing to Fear at Distinctive Smiles of Baton Rouge 

At our practice, Dr. O’Rourke-Allen puts patient comfort first. Before patients receive root canal therapy, they are given personal attention to make sure they understand the whole process. The procedure is planned out according to your needs, and our Baton Rouge dentist advances treatment when patients are ready. We strive to make the process as relaxed as possible, allowing patients to receive the care they need without worry. 

Crowns in a Day with E4D

Restoration placement is the final step in root canal therapy. Our E4D technology, a miniature milling machine, fashions crowns and other restorations from porcelain. Matched to the shade and shape of the tooth, our crowns look like real teeth and help restore teeth to their natural strength.

The greatest benefit of this technology is the same-day manufacture of crowns. Instead of waiting weeks for a crown to be made and tailored to match your teeth, you can have a quality crown in the same visit as root canal therapy. We hope to return patients to daily life with a bright and functional smile as soon as possible. 

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