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When teeth are missing from the smile, it’s not easy to pursue daily life. Sancerie O’Rourke-Allen, your Baton Rouge dentist, has the solution for those missing teeth in your smile. Dental implants are an advanced dental technology that provides patients the opportunity to have a full set of permanent teeth again. Distinctive Smiles of Baton Rouge is proud to offer comprehensive dental implant treatment to adults and seniors with missing teeth. 


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Dental Implants Restore Smiles and Oral Health 

This treatment utilizes biocompatible materials and custom restorations to rebuild dental function and aesthetic. Dental implant posts are titanium supports that are surgically placed into the jaw. Once placed, the titanium appliances fuse with the bone and restore the integrity and strength of the structure. Implant posts replace tooth roots, granting custom restorations a resilient foundation. When the treatment process is complete, patients enjoy the benefits of a full smile with restored function and beauty.

Dr. O’Rourke-Allen is proud to help patients with every aspect of dental implant placement and restoration. She will verify that your smile can receive dental implants, develop a treatment plan, and perform the guided implant placement surgery. After the healing process is complete, she will also help patients obtain restorations to finish their newly treated smile. Patients from Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas of Sherwood Forest, Broadmoor, and Goodwood can receive implant-supported restorations in the following variations: '

Crowns for Individual Replacement
Bridges for multiple tooth replacement
Overdentures for full arches

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Adults and seniors looking for tooth replacement options should look into dental implant treatment as a possible opportunity. Dr. O’Rourke-Allen will determine whether patients can receive dental implants with a thorough examination of existing tooth structure. The hurdle patients’ face in obtaining implants is bone density, which can diminish when teeth have been missing for some time. 

To counteract this bone loss, our dentist can perform pre-implant procedures such as bone grafting or sinus augmentation to restore bone structure for future treatment. Additionally, we offer mini-implants which require less bone to support them. 

As far as replacing teeth, patients can have a single tooth or multiple teeth absent and still receive dental implant treatment. Whether multiple teeth are missing in a line, intermittently, or a whole row is gone, dental restorations are adaptable to various situations. Restorations can be crafted from acrylic or dental porcelain for an enhanced aesthetic. 

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Our dentist is equipped to help patients with all of their oral health needs, especially when it comes to missing teeth. Dental implants are a resilient way to restore the smile, and we will care for every aspect. Call us today to set up your dental implant appointment, or use our convenient online form. 



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